What to Expect

We want you to feel welcome at visit Fair Oaks Presbyterian Church!  It is our hope that by providing you with a little glimpse into a typical Sunday morning, your first visit might be more enjoyable.

What should I wear?

We know God is much more concerned with a person’s heart than their clothes but people OFTEN ask “What should I wear? At Fair Oaks Presbyterian Church you will find men in polo shirts and slacks, business casual attire, ties and sport coats or suits! You will see women in a variety of dress; slacks, dresses, suits.

When should I arrive?

We suggest arriving 10 minutes before the service begins if you are not bringing children with you, or 20 minutes early if you are bringing children. When you arrive please look for the greeters and ushers who are stationed near the entrance. If greeters are not readily available please ask any church member for help!

Where do I take my children?

All childcare is on the second floor of the church. The nursery and playrooms are most easily accessed by using the front stairs. At the top of the stairs you will find the gymnasium. Proceed through the gym and you will find the nursery behind the second door on the right. The playroom for pre-schoolers is just beyond off the back hallway.

What should I do when my children are in Sunday School?

We would love to have you at any of our adult education classes. You may join a class at any time. The classes offer a wonderful way to meet members and other guests.