Why Give to the Church?

The Bible has a lot to say about giving. In fact, giving is so important that it is talked about more than almost any other subject in the scriptures. The WHY of giving is sprinkled throughout the Bible.

  • Our giving acknowledges God as creator and giver of all good gifts.
  • Our giving reflects our trust in God to continue to provide for our needs.
  • Our giving connects us to what God is doing in the world here and now.
  • Our giving opens us to the blessing of abundance.
  • Our giving is a way for us to follow through on God’s command to love our neighbor.

Stewardship is the word we use for the giving of our material resources to the work of God and God’s church. The act of giving, and its motivation, tend to be multi-layered and unique to each person and congregation. But one thing connects them all – giving makes a difference! Whether the act of giving is a significant aspect of your spiritual discipline that comes out of a response to God’s grace and the call to “follow me” or your giving stems from a desire to impact the world around you with generosity that mirrors God’s own generosity or your giving is a way to show your gratitude for the blessings you have received through the ministry of the church – it’s still about transformation. We recognize that generous giving not only transforms the world around us, but it transforms our hearts and souls and the way we see the world as well.

What Should I Give to the Church?

What should I give? How much is enough? Is it the tithe, ten percent of our income? Is the ten percent before taxes or after? The New Testament doesn’t mention the tithe, but it gives us some role models. Should we be like Zacchaeus and give away half of all we have? Or are we called to be like the widow who gave all she had or the early Christians who held everything in common, giving to each as he or she had need? And finally, is “How much should I give?” the wrong question? Should it be “How much will I keep for myself”?

It is good for us to wrestle with these questions at least annually. Faith and our possessions are intricately related. Our financial discipleship journey, individually and corporately, is lifelong. Our giving is a way to grow in faith. Jesus put it this way: “Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” Notice that he reverses the usual order of things. Ordinarily, we think of giving to those things that mean a lot to us. Jesus says, in essence, “Give to something and it will begin to mean more and more to you.” If you want to care more about the kind of car you drive, buy an expensive one. If you want to care more about property values, remodel your house. But if you want to grow in your faith, bring an offering to God. Wherever your money goes, your heart will follow. In the end, generous giving is about our relationship with God. It helps define where we are and where we are going in our walk of faith. Giving has a way of transforming the way we see the world around us, but especially it transforms our hearts and souls.

How can I give to the Church?

We are pleased to now provide an online service which you may find convenient for making contributions or paying for special events. With our busy lives, many find it a burden to write a check each week for the offering plate or to remember to make a monthly contribution towards their pledge. Or perhaps your son or daughter is rushing out on a Friday night for a weekend retreat and you don’t have enough cash on hand to pay their fee for the event. By using the Give Online button below, you will be able set up a schedule of automatic payments or a make a one-time payment to the church from your bank account or debit/credit card. You can give without registering (Creating a Profile) but if you do register, you will be able to track your payments throughout the year. As in the past, your gifts and payments will also appear on the traditional statements through the mail.

The church does pay a small monthly fee for making this service available so the more that use it, the better! We also pay a small transaction fee for each payment processed from your bank account and a 3% fee for debit and credit card transactions. An alternative to these costs for making regularly scheduled payments would be to use your bank’s online bill payment service. Your bank would simply mail us a check. If you do use this, be sure to include the purpose for the check payment in the memo field.

Our offering to God is an integral part of our worship. From the Genesis to Revelation in the Bible, people approached Almighty God with offerings. Beginning in January, the church will include special giving cards in the pews so that regardless of HOW we give to the church, we all may continue to participate in the act of offering during worship. For in the end, it’s not about the way we give, but the giving itself that is transformative.

Give Online