When we say children are “the church of the future,” we push them away from the center of the life of the congregation and imply they will become important only when they mature. Fair Oaks Presbyterian Church believes that children are an essential and important part of the church family right now. By shifting away from more impersonal, instruction-based models that sometimes predominates Christian education, we nurture children’s faith through communal interaction and involvement.

The congregation’s call is to relate the faith and impart it to children at many levels of human experience and to illustrate the reality of how God works in our lives. Our goal in faith formation is to bring it to a level of understanding in which the child’s faith is incorporated into their daily living.

Children in Worship

Children are welcome in worship at Fair Oaks. We encourage their attendance and participation.

Children’s Sermon: Each week, children are invited to the front of the church for a Children’s Sermon related to the theme of the worship service.

Bridges to Worship: Following the Children’s Sermon, children in kindergarten and 1st grade may attend this weekly worship preparation program, with worship time, Bible stories, and crafts.

Worship Bags: Worship bags, that are designed to help each child be an active participant in worship, include bookmarks for the Bible readings and hymns.  Special materials are included on Baptism and Communion Sundays.